SMOK Nord Review from Vapoter

It has finally arrived! The long-awaited Nord Pod kit by Smok has hit the vaping shores, and even better, we've been able to test it at the Nantes Vapexpo, in order to deliver you this very review. What strikes first when you try it, is its ability to deliver powerful flavour as well as a fluid ventilation.  Now that you can find it everywhere, you'll be able to purchase it with two different but nonetheless complementary coils.

So what is so special about SMOK's Nord Pod? What are we so mad about it?  Here's the answer.

First of all we just love how compact this pod is. Compact and not bulky, but still with avery good 1100 mAh battery. So that's a very good point. What is very convenient on the Nord Pod kit by SMOK, the coils available for this pod are more than compensating this weight issue.

Replaceable Coils

What's so cool with the Nord pod, is that it's possible to change only the coil and not the whole cartridge in its entirety. First of all, and quite obviously, it's more ecological.

But also it's making it possible to vape in two ways: MTL with 1.40Ω coilspretty punchy. But also, even if we can't really talk about subohm or cloud-chasing per se, the 0.60Ω coils will provide some pretty good sensations and steam.This 1100mAh battery and the 0.60Ω coils more demanding in "fuel", will provide you with a very reasonable autonomy.

The nord pod airflows

A good battery, interchangeable coils, but that's not all. Let's talk about airflows. Two openings at the base of the cartridge provide a rather airy airflow, which is quite rare for a pod. Of course, it is a non-adjustable airflow, that is proprietary to SMOK. However, SMOK has found the right balance between a tighter and more open draft. Regular vapers who have trouble with the very tight inhaling of the pods in general will appreciate that. This system provides amore intuitive vape, that becomes without adaptation time as with lambdas pods.

As for its fabric, the Nord pod by SMOK is built on a metal structure, with variable designs. The finish takes up the usual honeycomb effect that SMOK likes. This is the only fantasy of this pod,which is quite sober.

Simple LED switch

The Nord is not an automatic suction pod, you'll have to press the switch to vaporize. At the same time, the switch indicates the battery charge level with the usual LED: green for full charge, orange and red for minimum charge (less than 30%). The switch is smooth and very reative.

The consumables of the pod

Concerning the coils, we have the ceramic "Nord Regular", providing 1.40Ω, for indirect inhalation vaporization and all nicotined juices, with nicotine salts. Ceramics restore flavours well. It also has the advantage of not keeping the smell of the previous liquid mixture, as you change flavor.

The Nord mesh has a value of 0.60Ω. His mesh looks like a small notchcoil that will provide great flavour and vapour. The amount of steam it can provide is impressive. Hence the interest of having a 1100 mAh battery that, even though can't compete with a big dripper steam, offers a very good vape very well and with good flavours. What more could you ask for?

The change of coil system is excellent, the coil slips into the tank without any parts to disassemble. It's perfectThecoil can even be changed with liquid in the tank.

Filling is super easy and simple: on the side with a silicone plug to remove. And a good surprise, the capacity is 3 ml of e-liquid, unlike many pods which are limited to 2 ml or less. Another excellent point for this compact yet powerful pod.

The Nord Pod, the perfect pod

Let's be honest here, the Nord Pod kit by SMOK is simply one of the best pods of the moment. Easy to use, a lot of autonomy, an interesting choice of coils, a very varied choice of liquid too. In short, SMOK adds another unmissable product to its already flawless product range. Come and check it here on Vapoter.fr e-cigarette website, SMOK will have inevitably something to fit your vape style over there !

This product is intended to be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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